IEdrives 2-speed on Very Steep Hills

Cobus with an IEdrives Transmission

EVT2-R @ 9,000 rpm. Ratio of 6.6:1

Integrated Electric Drives

The Future of Electric Truck and Bus Transmissions

Old TruckIEdrives offers a complete line of multi-speed transmissions for EV (electric vehicles) and series HEV (hybrid electric vehicles). Each of our transmissions are electronically controlled and automatically shifted. IEdrives transmissions are extensively modified to meet the very demanding needs of electric vehicles. These features include minimized parasitic power losses, the highest power transmission efficiencies, and exceptional regenerative braking capability. Our transmissions exceed the rigorous performance and reliability demands of commercial medium and heavy duty electric trucks and buses.

You can learn more about the superior Performance advantages of IEdrives compact, light weight transmissions for electric trucks and all other electric vehicles, both on and off road applications. Product descriptions and specifications for each of IEdrives transmissions can be found in Products along with Design Services that IEdrives offers.